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Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018
About Us

At Celsius, we service, suply and install all things Fire!

With 4 offices in 3 states and over 150 staff, Celsius assists large and small organisations to meet thier compliance and fire proptection requirements right across Australia.

With offices in key locations, a Celsius technician is never far away when you need us.

With more than 20 years experience, Celsius Fire Services is involved with clients large and small. We have extensive experience in completing installations and maintaining multi site state wide property portfolios for various government departments, hospitals and commercial clients.  This experience has provided significant management and delivery learning’s, thus enabling Celsius to deliver a comprehensive solutions package that meets and exceeds client needs and expectations.

This experience is difficult to acquire and takes many years of dedicated service to replicate effectively and efficiently.  Through this experience Celsius provide a best practice in Fire Services offering time and time again. Our people are able to understand the intricacies of your requirements, the relevant Australian Standards and building codes, and have an unrivalled passion to provide a quality service to all of our clients.

Workplace health and safety is always a priority, with particular emphasis on the areas of hazard identification, risk as¬sessment and control, as well as health preservation and promotion. These aspects of working conditions are given top priority in company plans, pro¬cedures, programs and job instructions.

Celsius staff undergo extensive training in all areas of workplace health and safety including General Induction for Construction work , electrical safety, safe working at heights, working in confined spaces, first aid and CPR to name but a few.

Celsius operates in line with Occupational Health & Safety Management System AS/NZS 4801.

Celsius has strict, thorough environmental management policies and procedures. Our environmental policy plays a key part of our initial training for new technicians and is reinforced through ongoing toolbox meetings and as part of every new project induction. Celsius operates in line with Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

At Celsius we understand that Quality Assurance is a key feature of service delivery criteria.  Celsius conducts regular quality inspections and site audits to ensure that our obligations to our clients are met.  Our focus on innovation and continuous improvement as well as a greener environment are your guarantees from a consistent service provider.  Celsius operates in line with Quality Management System 9001:2008

Operational Software Systems

Celsius’ operational software system can be easily tailored for the specific requirements of individual customers. Our job management systems are set up for the specific requirements of a client when the contract starts. Scheduling milestones are initiated to ensure service and maintenance is completed to the requirements specified in the Australian Standards.

Our software systems enable quick quoting for additional work that has been identified on site and enables prioritised scheduling to our field workforce. The Celsius helpdesk and workforce schedulers ensure the commitments to our clients are met.

Digital Pen & Mobile Phone App

Operationally or work force uses Digital Pen and Mobile Phone Application technologies that have been integrated into our operational software systems. These innovations increase our efficiency and allow access to job data as work is completed. Reports can be run with up to the minute accuracy and office based data entry is enormously reduced.

This seamless integration of service reports and job cards reduces the need to enter data after the technician has left site, allowing the works to be completed and invoiced without delay. The job is then updated instantly in Celsius’ operational software system. The usage of parts, job status, site photos and technician feedback are all updated in real time.

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