Image by David Clarke

Routine maintenance and testing across all your fire assets and locations to all relevant standards and compliance measures. Celsius Fire manages over 18000 sites across Australia and can provide an ongoing service of fire equipment according to national and state -based requirements and provide annual certification. Send us a quote request for more information and switch to a growing local provider with great benefits.  


  • Fire Extinguishers 

  • Sprinklers & Suppression Systems 

  • Fire Diesel & Electric Pumps 

  • Fire Panels, OWS & EWIS 

  • Fire Doors, Seals & Dampers 

  • Exit & Emergency Lighting 

  • Fire Hose Reels 

  • Fire Blankets 

  • Hydrants & Hydrant Systems 

  • Many more... 

All testing is carried out in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard, BCA & Fire Brigade requirements.